About Epic Fishkeeping

Welcome to Epic Fishkeeping! Thank you for visiting our site, and coming to learn more about fish, aquariums, and everything that goes into creating a healthy ecosystem. I’m happy that you’re here and would love to share a bit of background.

Our Mission

Epic Fishkeeping was founded to be a trusted resource for people that love fish. For all of the joy that fish may bring to your life, there are all sorts of issues that come up when keeping fish. One week it might be tank makes that aren’t getting along. Another week, it may be a filter or another piece of equipment that needs to be replaced.

We’re here to provide helpful advice and guidance every step along the way.

Our Team

Ryan Howard, Founder

Ryan Howard is Epic Fishkeeping’s Founder. Ryan was first introduced to the world of fishkeeping over 20 years ago through a friend that had a tank. With that, a lifelong passion began. These days, Ryan enjoys sharing what he’s learned in order to help others start and maintain successful aquariums of their own.

Jeremy Hall, Writer

Jeremy has thirteen years of experience keeping planted freshwater and brackish aquaria. By approaching each aquarium system as its own biochemical and ecological puzzle, he’s developed the experience and skills required to make fish, plants, and invertebrates thrive in their aquaria.